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March Madness Food Drive

March Madness Food Drive

It's the March Madness Food Drive! All donations benefit the Fall City Food Pantry.

Classes pair up and compete with each other to win prizes. The winning class ultimately takes control of the coveted CKMS Spirit Stick!

When: March 20-30.

Let the game begin!


Canned meat: chicken, spam, tuna, roast beef


Cooking oil


Feminine items (pads & liners)

Gluten free

Jam - strawberry

Juice boxes


Peanut butter (Jif or Skippy) - crunchy and creamy

Spaghetti noodles

Spam and canned roast beef

Toilet paper

Toothpaste & brushes

**We will not count Ramen in the class count.  

  • Each class (between the 2 competing) with the most items per student will receive Otter pops during Advisory on April 3.
  • The overall class winner of each grade will receive donuts during Advisory on April 4.
  • The overall winning class will take control of the CKMS Spirit Stick.