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Exploratory Class Descriptions

6th Grade Elective Class Descriptions

What are classes like at Chief Kanim Middle School?

All 6th grade students have 7 class periods per day. 

You will take four required core classes: Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies, one required PE/Health class and one elective class of your choosing.

The last period of the day is Advisory class, where we engage in academic, socio-emotional, and school-wide culture building.

Your student will choose one exploratory from these two options:  

  1. Music Pathway - students take Band or Choir as a year-long course.  
  2. Exploratory Rotation - students take four quarter-long courses:  Art, Creative Writing, Digital Media, Music & Movement.

Music Pathway


6th Grade Choir is a performance-based class with a focus on building musical knowledge, vocal technique, and independence while singing music in 2- and 3-part harmony. Students will also learn how the voice works and will work toward forming good singing habits that support life-long vocal health.

The 6th grade choir will perform at 3 concerts during the year and have the opportunity to go on a field trip.


CKMS will offer a special beginning band class during the school day for any incoming 6th grader who would like to join the band program!

This class will feature an instrument-specific evening in the fall to give students time to gain instruction from a professional musician who plays their instrument of choice.

Students meet daily during the school day and participate in three full- band evening concerts. Curriculum includes instrument technique, scale memorization, performance skills, music theory, music history, concert etiquette, and listening skills.

All 6th graders are eligible to audition for Jazz I and Jazz II.

Exploratory Rotation

Music and Movement


In this course, students will experience rhythm through trash percussion (made popular by STOMP) and body percussion. Units will include percussive dances from around the world, such as African American stepping and South African gumboot dance, and students will learn about the culture and history of the people whose dances they perform.

Digital Media

Digital Media is an introduction to graphic design using Photoshop and design tools.

Participation in a real-life application of planning a trip somewhere in the world. Projects involve using digital photography, Productivity Suites (Google and/or MS Office) and Adobe Spark to create presentations. Offered 2 class Periods.

Click on the image to the right to watch a video from the Chief Kanim Digital Media, Class of 2023, highlighting all the cool projects you will be covering in this class.

Creative Writing


This course focuses on writing in a variety of genres. The purpose of this class is to encourage the cultivation of the habits, attitudes, and flexibility of a professional writer in a professional community, while giving the students the ability to express themselves through writing.

Students will be expected to enter final products into a portfolio, to conference with the instructor, participate in small writing groups, research and read contemporary published authors, regularly write in a writer’s notebook, and experiment with and revise writing routinely. Students will write in genres such as narrative nonfiction, poetry, journalism, and fiction.

Art Exploration

Student using potters wheel

Art Exploration offers students the opportunity to express creativity through a variety of media, including drawing, painting and ceramics. Art elements, composition and design are introduced, and students are encouraged to develop their sense of art appreciation.